Swimming in a new dimension

who breathes properly
can swim better

Easy, intensive breathing with the Powerbreather

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Swimming in a new dimension

who breathes properly
can swim better

Easy, intensive breathing with the Powerbreather

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Breathe Easier - Swim Easier. We designed the Powerbreather to make swimming easier


Breathe Easier - Swim Easier. We have the Powerbreather
designed to make swimming easier

Separate inhalation and exhalation

Breathe in and out through two completely separate channels. The Powerbreather is the world's first fresh air snorkel!

100% fresh air

Put an end to the limiting and sometimes health-endangering pendulum breathing that we know from conventional snorkeling.

Patented valve technology

The innovative valve technology in connection with specially developed protectors ensure that no water can penetrate the tubes.

100% reliable

The Powerbreather always supplies you with 100% fresh air through the two air channels - no matter how long and how intensively you swim.

The next generation snorkel

Rediscover swimming

Train with the POWERREATHER,
breathe with the POWERBREATHER
and experience a new dimension of swimming.

The patented FRESH AIR SYSTEM makes the Powerbreather unique. In contrast to conventional snorkels, you breathe in and out through two completely separate channels. This ensures that only fresh, oxygen-rich air flows into your lungs. At the same time, the innovative valve technology prevents water from entering the system.


Whether competitive athletes or recreational swimmers, whether swimming/training in the pool or open water, whether snorkeling in open waters or health training in rehab - discover the water as your element.


Freestyle swimming is proven to be the healthiest way to swim - but the movement is complex, especially breathing causes problems for many swimmers.

With the Powerbreather crawling becomes easy and possible for everyone!

  • No head turning to breathe necessary.
  • Stable water position.
  • Focus on your arm and leg movement as you swim the freestyle.
  • Protect your cervical spine and relax your neck and shoulder muscles while swimming.


With the  Powerbreather you can optimize the training of swimming technique and endurance in the water. Since you can neglect breathing, arm pull, shoulder rotation and leg kick can be optimized.

This technical improvement makes crawl swimming much more efficient, faster and less strenuous. Triathletes in particular benefit from a more relaxed and at the same time faster exit from the water, as they still have to compete in two other sub-disciplines.

Thanks to training with the Powerbreather, the basis for new best times is already laid with swimming.

The roll turn is also possible with the Powerbreather!


When a student makes rapid progress, both student and trainer are happy. 

The Powerbreather is the ideal aid for a complex movement such as freestyle swimming, which is technically demanding. The head no longer has to be turned to breathe, so the swimmer has a stable position in the water and can initially concentrate on learning and optimizing arm and leg movements. 

Thanks to 100% fresh air, the Powerbreather can also be used for high-intensity interval training without risking an increase in lactate levels - as with conventional swimming snorkels.
In addition, for the first time, trainers can work specifically with their athletes on the correct breathing technique and on improving the respiratory muscles. Efficient breathing is both the basis and the key to new top performances.


Freestyle swimming is considered the healthiest style. It is often not recommended by doctors because only a few people know how to use it properly. That changes with the Powerbreather.

With the Powerbreather, freestyle swimming is not only easier, but also less strenuous and even gentler. The Powerbreather makes crawl swimming child's play!

You no longer have to turn your head to the side to breathe, you lie much calmer and more relaxed in the water. The neck can be kept straight all the time. The risk of hyperextension of the cervical spine is averted.

The right power breather for you

Power breathers & accessories

VAT included

Power breathers & accessories

VAT included

Power breathers & accessories

VAT included

What our customers say


I'm Greek, 50 years old and have never been more than 200-300 meters piece swam. I bought the Powerbreather 8 months ago. At first it was very difficult to breathe, but after a while I got it the feeling no more. I now swim 2 km every day and my goal is to to swim a distance of 10 km. The Powerbreather has mine Connection to the sea really changed! A real miracle. Especially considering I've never been in my life was an athlete!


For me as a Free Diver, the Powerbreather is a perfect training device, with which I can train my lungs at the same time. But the Powerbreather also offers a snorkeling excursion new unique experience: easy handling, anytime Fresh air breathing and no annoying blowing out of penetrating water let you enjoy the beauty of the underwater world again. The Powerbreather is a great asset whether I'm training or not just want to "relax" in the water.


I have been a passionate windsurfer for 25 years. swim for me more of a necessary evil. Two years ago brought me one Coach the right crawl technique. I still had problems with of breathing. After a few laps in the pool I had to take a break and breathe to fetch. Then a triathlete recommended the Powerbreather and everything changed suddenly. Suddenly I really enjoyed swimming. Swim today I effortlessly 5 km per training session. The Powerbreather got me right addicted to crawls


A new dimension of swimming has begun for me with the Powerbreather: By eliminating the breathing movement when doing the crawl, I can concentrate fully on my movements in the water. Efficient technical training becomes possible. The special valve technology prevents the ingress of water, so that the roll turn when crawling can also be carried out without any problems. The advantages of the Powerbreather compared to conventional snorkels are clearly noticeable: Permanent fresh air through the 2 ...


Is there anything to consider when swimming with the Powerbreather for the first time?

The Powerbreather is the next generation snorkel! With him you will experience swimming and snorkeling in a new way. 

For the first time, the Powerbreather always supplies you with 100% fresh air through the two air channels - no matter how long and how intensively you swim or snorkel. 

As with a conventional snorkel, you breathe in and out through your mouth using the mouthpiece. 

Before you start swimming, try it out briefly on land: 

  • Then stand in shoulder-deep water. Then dip your head into the water with the Powerbreather so that your mouth and nose are under water. The ends of the D-Tubes always stay above the water surface. 
  • Now start inhaling and exhaling completely relaxed and completely through your mouth for about 4 to 5 minutes. Then start swimming. Keep your pace moderate at first. Now you can relax and breathe in and out through your mouth.
  • You may feel a slight resistance to breathing at first. This is due to the valves of the AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM, which on the one hand supply the swimmer with 100% fresh air and on the other hand provide protection against the ingress of water. 
  • After the first swimming sessions with the Powerbreather, this feels completely normal.
  • If the inhalation and exhalation works smoothly while standing, you can start swimming. 

More information also in the Manual.

Do I need a swimming cap for the Powerbreahter?

A bathing cap is not required. However, the fit of the Powerbreather on the head is optimized with a bathing cap.
This is especially helpful when swimming fast with fins or performing flip turns.

Can I do a starting jump with the Powerbreather?

We advise against a starting jump with the Powerbreather, as it can come off your head when entering the water.

Can I get enough air with the Powerbreather when swimming or snorkeling?

The Powerbreather has two parallel air tubes (D-TUBES) running on the head, which - if they are always above the water surface - guarantee sufficient fresh air when inhaling.

Exhale through the mouth into the water. We call it the FRESH AIR SYSTEM. 

For this reason, the Powerbreather cannot be compared to a classic snorkel, because inhalation and exhalation do not take place via the same system.

This means that there is no pendulum breathing (including unwanted CO2 accumulation, loss of performance).

Due to the valve technology of the FRESH AIR SYSTEM, no water gets into the breathing system. With each exhalation, saliva and moisture are automatically discharged through the mouthpiece into the water.

Can I breathe underwater with the Powerbreather?

No, the Powerbreather is not a diving device!

You can only breathe with the Powerbreather when the valve caps (SPEED VENTS) at the end of the D-TUBES (air tubes) are above the water surface. 

When the SPEED VENTS are underwater, water will enter the D-TUBES during active inhalation.

My Powerbreather makes a strange noise when breathing. Why is that?

It can happen that the Speed ​​Vents, the attachments on the Powerbreather, are 'leaky'. You know this when you hear a sound when you breathe and it's difficult to breathe.

You can check this by pulling off the speed vents and looking in from below. If light comes in from the side it means they are 'leaking'. Take a picture inside the Speed ​​Vents and send it to us with your address info@powerbreather.com. We will replace your defective Speed ​​Vents.

Click here for the video, demonstrating this test of Speed ​​Vents.

I feel a (slight) resistance when inhaling with the Powerbreather, what is the reason for this?
The FRESH AIR SYSTEM is equipped with a special valve system that always supplies you with 100% fresh air and at the same time prevents water from penetrating the tubes.
The valves initially create a slight resistance when inhaling. After a few sessions with the Powerbreather, you no longer notice it. With the Powerbreather you automatically learn deep abdominal breathing, which gives an additional boost to your well-being.
If the resistance is heavier and you feel like breathing through the Powerbreather is really difficult, then check your Speed ​​Vents. It can happen that these are 'leaky' and make a noise when breathing. This makes breathing difficult.
See also the next question: "My Powerbreather makes a funny noise when I breathe."
You can find out how to check this in this video.
What is the EASY FIT AIR JUNCTION on the Powerbreather?

With EASY FIT AIR JUNCTION we refer to the individually adjustable mouthpiece, which brings the D-TUBES (air tubes) into the correct position. It ensures the best hold and maximum comfort.

More information about EASY FIT AIR JUNCTION.

What is meant by the TWIST LOCK SYSTEM on the Powerbreather?

The TWIST LOCK SYSTEM is what we call the rotary locking system that ensures comfortable adjustment to any head size and a secure hold - even with quick roll turns.

More information about the TWIST LOCK SYSTEM.

The adjustable mouthpiece is quite difficult to turn, is this normal?

The mouthpiece - the EASY FIT AIR JUNCTION - must remain stable in the respective position during swimming. Therefore, it must not turn too easily. 

In colder temperatures and when first delivered, the EASY FIT AIR JUNCTION may be a little more difficult to turn. 

It helps if you turn the mouthpiece back and forth a few times under warm water before using the Powerbreather.

Is there a Powerbreather especially for children and teenagers?

No, there is only one version of the Powerbreather.

The Powerbreather can be individually adjusted so that it is suitable for children and young people from around 7 years of age. The mouthpiece is interchangeable. This means that everyone can freely choose their preferred mouthpiece.

Children should be able to swim well and only use the Powerbreather under the supervision of their parents.

Does the Powerbreather fit every head shape?

The TWIST LOCK SYSTEM (locking system) ensuresthat the Powerbreather can be optimally adjusted to any head size.

The D-TUBES (air tubes) are adjustable up to a head width of 17,5 cm. The tubes should not be pulled apart more than 17,5 cm, otherwise the EASY FIT AIR JUNCTION (mouthpiece) could be damaged. 

Experience shows that the Powerbreather can easily be adapted to the individual head size of young people and also to children from the age of 7 upwards.

Children should be able to swim well and only use the Powerbreather under the supervision of their parents. 

What happens when the Powerbreather gets sandy?

If the Powerbreather gets sandy, simply rinse it carefully under clear water. 

To do this, remove the valve caps at the end of the D-TUBES (air tubes). The now open D-TUBES should also be rinsed through.

Then let everything dry well. Details on this are also the Manual refer to.

Is there anything to consider when caring for the Powerbreather?

Rinse your Powerbreather with fresh water after each use and then let it dry.
Simply remove the valve attachments (SPEED VENTS) at the upper end of the D-TUBES (air tubes). Details on this are also the 
Manual refer to.

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