About Us

In the beginning there was the vision that people can move more easily and freely in the water and the idea of ​​a breathing apparatus that fits perfectly to the head and provides the swimmer with the best fresh air at all times. The idea of ​​the POWERBREATHER was born.

That was years ago. Because in order to become reality, a revolutionary idea needs more than one person who believes in it: developers and product designers, investors and experienced managers. With AMEO, a convinced, interdisciplinary team is behind the POWERBREATHER.

We are passionate, active athletes who want to develop meaningful and useful products and bring them to market. We are united by our enthusiasm for the POWERBREATHER and the possibilities it opens up for all users. The POWERBREATHER creates a completely new feeling in the water, a new dimension of swimming - horizons can be shifted, water worlds can be experienced in a new way - whether in the pool or open water.

Incidentally, AMEO Watersports GmbH has its headquarters in Emmering near Munich, in the middle of the Bavarian "Fünfseen-Land" - one of the most scenic regions where you can swim optimally in open water.


Breathing is a vital but also completely normal process for us. We regularly breathe in fresh air, exhale stale air and rarely get "out of breath" under normal stress. We wanted to achieve exactly this state not only with our breathing on land, but also in the water when swimming with a swim snorkel.

With the POWER BREATHER we have achieved this goal: no longer blow out used air from the snorkel before each new breath, but breathe in fresh air evenly and regularly and breathe out used air forward again.


AMEO is committed to clean water and its conservation - so that we can all continue to enjoy the natural element water for a long time, we make regular donations


When Pascal Rösler did his rounds with the stand-up paddle board on Lake Starnberg again in March 2016 and felt the incredible power of the water, he became aware of the great importance of water for our lives. Until then, he had not felt this very special connection in all the many years that he had been on the water as a windsurfer and stand-up paddler.

On that day, however, he recognized what water means to us: life. While still on the water, he made the decision to take responsibility for water – nature – and to give something back. His idea: With the stand-up paddle board from Munich via the Isar and Danube to Vienna and to collect donations for the water for every kilometer of the river.

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